vkelman (vkelman) wrote in gkvi,

Two Videos about Egypt affairs from Simon Wiesenthal Center

 What's going on in Egypt right now shouldn't leave us indifferent. I believe that it's really complex and multi-faceted. I also think that it's a quite difficult task for Obama administration to react in a productive, helpful way. A I heard today on NPR: what should be priority for USA on this moment, our moral obligations or political interests? To me, it's not even clear what moral obligations and political interests are there.

Here are a couple of Youtube videos sent to me by  Simon Wiesenthal Center:

Rabbi Hier's NBC interview: Crisis in Egypt and its Effect on Israel

Simon Wiesenthal Center Exclusive Interview: Egypt & Beyond: What's Next? (Ehud Yaari)

Wael Ghonim, Freed Google Manager, 'Ready To Die' For Egypt
Wall Street Journal about Egypt

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